StayOn Project

With the aim of serving everyone who values continuous access to technology, we've created the StayOn project, an extensive network for renting power banks

In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine life without constant access to smartphones. This equipment serves not only for staying in touch or entertainment but, above all, for work.

Our goal is to enable phone charging without the need to have the necessary equipment on hand. All you have to do is find the nearest charging station and use the service.



Simplicity and accessibility

Thanks to partnerships with key public utility points such as subway stations, cafes, or supermarkets, our customers will have access to power banks wherever they need them.

A fast payment system and transparent tariffs will make using our service incredibly simple.

For whom is the service aimed?


Our service is for anyone who can’t imagine being without smartphone access but doesn’t want to worry about carrying a charged power bank. The availability of the service in many popular city locations will save you the stress of sudden loss of connectivity (which is crucial for business professionals who handle a significant number of tasks over the phone).

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Łukasz Wrodycki

Account Manager

Łukasz Wrodycki

Account Manager

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